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The Gospel of the Wife of Jesus

The latest media dust storm over supposedly ancient gnostic texts is gradually being deconstructed by more careful analysis and good scholarship. The following Gospel Coalition link contains an excellent scholarly article and links to several other articles of varying difficulty. … Continue reading

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My Possessions Are Not My Own

The only things more dangerous than unrestrained capitalism are unrestrained lawlessness, and unrestrained government. The powerful must be restrained and regulated to protect the less powerful and powerless. This is a fundamental teaching of Christian Scripture and a self-evident lesson … Continue reading

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The Fine Art of Blogging

Well, that’s the thing.  It’s not a fine art.  Not an art at all.  What do you call the sound that that previous sentence makes?  Notanartatall.  Gotta be some kinda literary convention name for that.  Anyway, if blogging was a … Continue reading

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