The Fine Art of Blogging

Well, that’s the thing.  It’s not a fine art.  Not an art at all.  What do you call the sound that that previous sentence makes?  Notanartatall.  Gotta be some kinda literary convention name for that.  Anyway, if blogging was a fine art, only fine artists would do it.  But, anybody can do it.  So, it’s not a fine art.  And, if blogging was a fine art, then there would already be a category for it in church fine arts competitions.  There would already be first-in-show awards for the fine art of blogging.  So, this has been a late night, on meds for a cold, tired and irritated anti-blog blog.  All to test a few WordPress thingies and to post something on this blog.  Clearly, no fine art here.  


About Michael D Sharp

Disciple of Jesus, husband to Debra, father to two sons, a DIL, a grandson, serving Christ's Church as a pastor-teacher, equipping discipleship ministries in Alabama.
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