The Eleventh Day of Christmas

January 4 is the Eleventh Day of Christmastide, or the Christmas Season. Today is the Eighth Day from the December 28th Feast of the Holy Innocents, the children killed by Herod. On this Eighth Day, the octave, we look back to what we commemorated, the murder of the children ordered by Herod. On this Eighth Day, we can celebrate that Christ came to suffer with us, and in His victory over death He brings us victory. We celebrate that on that Eternal Day, the Eighth Day, the Day of New Creation, He shall bring final justice and victory to all who have suffered and died in and for him. William Holman Hunt’s “The Triumph of the Innocents” beautifully, proleptically portrays this victory. Think on these things.


You can find a detailed explanation of the meaning of Hunt’s painting at the following link. It is quite outstanding, and well worth the read.


About Michael D Sharp

Disciple of Jesus, husband to Debra, father to two sons, a DIL, a grandson, serving Christ's Church as a pastor-teacher, equipping discipleship ministries in Alabama.
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