Today Is Pentecost Sunday

Today is Pentecost Sunday. In the ancient Church, it followed only Resurrection Sunday as the second most important holy day of the Christian year. It came 50 days after Christ’s Resurrection, and 10 days after His Ascension. On this day, God fulfilled his Promise, and poured the Holy Spirit out upon 120 disciples of Jesus waiting obediently in Jerusalem. He filled this epochal event with so many signs of his faithfulness.  Signs that Jesus was indeed enthroned as Son of David and Son of God.  That the New Covenant was in full and final effect. That his law would now be written upon human hearts by the indwelling Spirit.  That the Church was now the final temple of God, the dwelling place of God’s Special Presence.  That only Jesus’ followers were marked by God’s Special Presence as God’s true people.  That God’s renewed People were recreated in Christ by the creative wind of the Spirit, the life-giving breath of God.  That they were empowered by the Spirit to take the good news of Jesus Christ to all the nations of the world.

Today is Pentecost Sunday. In humility before all other brothers and sisters in Christ’s glorious Church, I must say that I am so thankful to be a Pentecostal believer. But I know this day is not just my day. It is about far more than any one symbol, experience, tradition, or theology can ever express. I pray that, together with all of God’s People, we would celebrate the Spirit’s precious and powerful presence every day.  That he would renew our minds, pour God’s love into our hearts, and transform us continually into humble servants in the image of the Son. That his covenant love and new life, his grace and righteousness, would transform our families and our faith communities.  That, in the way we do family, and the way we do church, we would once again live more like his new creation people, and less like a corrupted culture and a fallen world. That the character of God and values of his kingdom would govern our lives, our priorities, and our decisions. That commitment and faithfulness would replace charisma and feeling as the bond of our fellowship.  That we would be faithful in our covenant relationships in our homes and in our churches, and demonstrate God’s faithfulness in our long walk through life together.  That through the years, to the end of our days, we, our families, and our churches would continue to know the Father, and the Son, in all the fullness of the Holy Spirit.  And now, so that the Son may receive glory, and the Father through the Son, may this Lord, the giver of the Life of the Age to Come, renew his People in the power of the Holy Spirit, this day, and every day, until Christ comes again.

Pentecost Sunday


About Michael D Sharp

Disciple of Jesus, husband to Debra, father to two sons, a DIL, a grandson, serving Christ's Church as a pastor-teacher, equipping discipleship ministries in Alabama.
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