As for me … born and reared in Huntsville, Alabama in the ’50s and ’60s.   Education: public schools.   Bachelors degree from a state university, Masters from a Pentecostal seminary, Doctorate from an ecumenical evangelical divinity school.  Work: Construction, Computer Programmer/Systems Analyst, 13 years.   Pastor, 25 years.   State Christian Education Director for my church 2 years and counting.   Ordained Assemblies of God Minister, 26 years.   Married to Debra 39 years.   Two sons, one daughter-in-law, one grandson almost here.

As for the blog … I’m not sure.  Book reviews and recommendations, blogs on the bible and theology, essays on faith and science, forays into the arts, comments on sports and society, observations on the day, and an occasional rant on politics or religion.  Eclectic all around.  Sure to get me in trouble sooner or later.   At least I’ve waited until, so they tell me, blog readership is declining.  Think I’ll try newspapers next.


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